Maria von Känel

Maria von Känel


Maria von Känel is a co-founder and General Manager of the Swiss Rainbow Families Association. Out of her activism for LGBTI families she had the idea to create a special day to celebrate rainbow families all over the world. The International Family Equality Day (IFED) is an official LGBTIQ* awareness day which takes place every first Sunday in May since 2011. The Council of Europe recognises IFED as an important tool to combat homo- and transphobia and to promote a tolerant and cohesive society. Maria is founder and board member of the Geneva based NGO “International Family Equality Day” (IFED) and coordinator of the annual published IFED report.

From Ukraine to the world, exploring the contexts of rights in which we freely build and live our sexualities, families and parenthoods

The EL*C Brief Report on Lesbian* Lives in (parts of) Europe

Lesbian* Main Room, 3rd Floor

Launch EL*C Brief Report on Lesbian* Lives in (parts of) Europe: Focus topics Discrimination and Health In this presentation, we will launch the first edition of the EL*C’s annual „Brief Report on Lesbian* Lives in (parts of) Europe”- an ongoing endeavour meant to capture and synthesize aspects of lesbian* experiences throughout Europe. The report highlights […]