Evgenia Giakoumopoulou

Evgenia Giakoumopoulou

Evgenia Giakoumopoulou is a legal advisor at the Council of Europe, a Board member of EL*C and co-founder of the Strasbourg-based human rights NGO, ACCESS. She has been working with international organisations and NGOs, including Amnesty International and the International Commission of Jurists, in their European programmes, focusing on sexual orientation or gender identity, disability rights, migration and asylum, torture prevention, and anti-trafficking. She has been involved with the LGBTIQ+ and feminist movements in France and Greece since 2013.

Who is afraid of the big bad dykes? Lesbians and the anti-gender movement

Lesia Room, 2nd floor

Public Round table “Anti-gender movements, nationalist and conservative attack on the rights of women and minorities: Ukrainian realities and international experience” During the round table we will talk about the challenges faced by LGBTQI and women’s movement in Ukraine, the conservative discourse, the nationalist and religious components in it. Why is gender equality in Ukraine […]