Arts, Politics, Media, Research: activisms converging to build up a lesbian movement

PLENARY Audre Room, ground floor

As we organise and shape our movement, we luckily have a lot of expertise and skills to draw from. Be it for the much-needed data collection on our lives and experiences, the unveiling of our realities, struggles and loves through art, or the carving of space in the political arena, and pushing of our voices through the media and public discourse, lesbian* talents converge.

In a politically heated context, where movements openly hostile to women’s and queer people’s rights are rising, how do we as lesbians* (re)claim our visibility, our representativeness, our sexual and reproductive rights, our social, economic and cultural rights, etc? How do we navigate the backlash? What can we and what should we do for our brilliant and diverse lesbian* community?

During this panel, we will hear from researchers, authors, journalists and politicians, discussing their definition of lesbian activism and how they see it play into the broader picture of a movement that needs to structure itself while preserving all its richness and power.

Survey. Media. IVF. Journalism. Activism. Reclaiming. Organising.