Kseniya Kirichenko

Kseniya Kirichenko


Kseniya Kirichenko (woman, lesbian) is a human rights advocate, lawyer and intersectional feminist. Currently with ILGA as a Senior Officer on Women and UN Advocacy, she is also a board member of the European Lesbian* Conference. Kseniya has been involved in human rights movement since 2003, and before joining ILGA, her focus was on LGBTI rights, women’s rights, reproductive rights and sex workers’ rights, and she worked with different groups and networks, mainly within the “Post-Soviet” region.

LBT-woman of North Caucasus – how do they survive?

Arts, Politics, Media, Research: activisms converging to build up a lesbian movement

PLENARY Audre Room, ground floor

As we organise and shape our movement, we luckily have a lot of expertise and skills to draw from. Be it for the much-needed data collection on our lives and experiences, the unveiling of our realities, struggles and loves through art, or the carving of space in the political arena, and pushing of our voices […]


The Joyce Wischnia one. Litigation, lawyers and legal advocacy to fight discriminations

Billie Jean Room, 10th floor

The L word (law, of course!) is fundamental to defend the rights of LBQ women and activists. Legal means can be an effective way to fight discrimination, make our voice heard and mobilise our communities. Our lesbian geniuses, lawyers and human rights advocates, will discuss legal advocacy and strategic litigation from different countries, jurisdictions and […]


UN mechanisms: reflecting lesbians’ (in)visibility and claiming space