Kika Fumero

Kika Fumero


Kika Fumero, Research Dykerector and Board Team Member of the European Lesbian* Conference. Trainer of trainers on gender and LGBTI diversity issues focused on education, LGBT public policies and social environments. Feminist and LGBTI rights activist. In 2017, Kika Fumero and Marta F. Herraiz conducted a research about lesbian women that had more than 5.000 participants in the Spanish version of the questionnaire and more than 1.500 participants in French version. The results and conclusions have been collected and published in a recent book titled “Lesbianas, así somos” (“Lesbian, that’s the way we are”). Languages spoken: English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Arts, Politics, Media, Research: activisms converging to build up a lesbian movement

PLENARY Audre Room, ground floor

As we organise and shape our movement, we luckily have a lot of expertise and skills to draw from. Be it for the much-needed data collection on our lives and experiences, the unveiling of our realities, struggles and loves through art, or the carving of space in the political arena, and pushing of our voices […]


How to keep the love despite the harassments?

From camp to campus, what is the position of the lesbian discourse in academics?

Who is afraid of the big bad dykes? Lesbians and the anti-gender movement

Lesia Room, 2nd floor

Public Round table “Anti-gender movements, nationalist and conservative attack on the rights of women and minorities: Ukrainian realities and international experience” During the round table we will talk about the challenges faced by LGBTQI and women’s movement in Ukraine, the conservative discourse, the nationalist and religious components in it. Why is gender equality in Ukraine […]