Suzana Tratnik

Suzana Tratnik


Suzana Tratnik (1963, Murska Sobota). She obtained her BA in sociology, and her MA in gender anthropology Ljubljana, Slovenia, where she lives and works as a writer, translator, and publicist. She is a lesbian activist since 1987 and a programmer of the LGBT Film Festival. She published seven collections of short stories, three novels, the children’s picture book as well as a monodrama a radio play, and two expertises: one on the lesbian movement in Slovenia, and another on lesbian literature, and memoirs.She received the national Prešeren Foundation Award for Literature in 2007, Novo mesto short Award for best short fiction in 2017, and Desetnica Award for best youth fiction in 2018. Her books and short stories have been translated in more than twenty languages, while she herself has translated several books of British and American fiction and non-fiction.

Arts, Politics, Media, Research: activisms converging to build up a lesbian movement

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As we organise and shape our movement, we luckily have a lot of expertise and skills to draw from. Be it for the much-needed data collection on our lives and experiences, the unveiling of our realities, struggles and loves through art, or the carving of space in the political arena, and pushing of our voices […]


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