Faika El-Nagashi

Faika El-Nagashi


Faika El-Nagashi is a long-time lesbian & feminist human rights advocate. She is a political scientist by vocation, political activist by passion and politician by profession. Her expertise is on women’s and human rights, (women’s) migration, development cooperation, integration and diversity politics, intersectionality and LGBTIQ rights. She has worked with European and transnational civil society networks such as TAMPEP (European Network for HIV/STI Prevention and Health Promotion among Migrant Sex Workers), CWGL (Center for Women’s Global Leadership), IGYLO and ILGA-Europe. She is currently a member of the Vienna City Council and the Vienna Provincial Parliament and the spokesperson for Integration and Human Rights of the Vienna Green Party.

Arts, Politics, Media, Research: activisms converging to build up a lesbian movement

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As we organise and shape our movement, we luckily have a lot of expertise and skills to draw from. Be it for the much-needed data collection on our lives and experiences, the unveiling of our realities, struggles and loves through art, or the carving of space in the political arena, and pushing of our voices […]


Are lesbonatioanlism and some of the Prides threatening an antiracist and anticapitalist lesbianism?

Being safe and staying safe in all parts of our lives

European Lesbian* Conference Welcome Reception

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Introduction Lecture about & Concert with music of Ethel Smyth (1858-1944, lesbian composer and one of the first Suffragettes) Attilia Kiyoko Cernitori and Angelika Silberbauer (The University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna) In cooperation with the Department for Women Politics and Queer – Students Union at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna