Att. Denitsa Lyubenova

Att. Denitsa Lyubenova


Denitsa got a law degree in Bulgaria and specialized in International Public Law at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. At the moment, Denitsa is the head of the Legal Program of Youth LGBT Organization Deystvie as one of the founders of the organization. Her major goal is the recognition of LGBTI families in the country. In order to achieve that, she has initiated dozens of legal proceedings on everyday problems encountered by LGBTI people before the courts in Bulgaria, as well as some cases before the European Court of Human Rights. Denitsa took part in various conferences and professional trainings on the topic. She went through a practical training program on community organizing that took her to an exchange in the USA, where she spent one month in the American LGBT organization Human Rights Campaign. Honesty and justice are the driving forces of her life. She loves her dog and the mountains.

The Joyce Wischnia one. Litigation, lawyers and legal advocacy to fight discriminations

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The L word (law, of course!) is fundamental to defend the rights of LBQ women and activists. Legal means can be an effective way to fight discrimination, make our voice heard and mobilise our communities. Our lesbian geniuses, lawyers and human rights advocates, will discuss legal advocacy and strategic litigation from different countries, jurisdictions and […]