Zhanar Sekerbayeva

Zhanar Sekerbayeva


Zhanar Sekerbayeva is a co-founder of the Kazakhstan Feminist Initiative “Feminita”, feminist, powerlifter and poet. In her work she aims at expanding the concept of ‘gender’ in the general public discourse through activism by mainstreaming questions of gender identity in the academia. In 2014 she enrolled at the European
Humanities University (Lithuania) MA program in Sociology with focus on gender and culture, continuing now at the University of Tsukuba, Japan towards a PhD degree. Zhanar’s doctoral dissertation focuses on the processes of shaping transgender subjectivities in Kazakhstan.

Central Asian lesbians, towards a more united movement

PLENARY Audre Room, ground floor

Thanks to the efforts of activists from the region, Central Asia was included into the ILGA Europe, Transgender Europe, and now in EL*C. We deliberately strove for this, since for the activists from the region, it is crucial to recognize common experience, problems and solidarity with the countries of Eastern Europe and other post-Soviet republics. […]


The Joyce Wischnia one. Litigation, lawyers and legal advocacy to fight discriminations

Billie Jean Room, 10th floor

The L word (law, of course!) is fundamental to defend the rights of LBQ women and activists. Legal means can be an effective way to fight discrimination, make our voice heard and mobilise our communities. Our lesbian geniuses, lawyers and human rights advocates, will discuss legal advocacy and strategic litigation from different countries, jurisdictions and […]


Lesbians organizing in East Europe and Central Asia: case studies

Lesbian* Main Room, 3rd Floor

During a workshop we will talk about situation with lesbians in countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, which usually remains invisible on the map of Europe. Here we will see how invisibility impacts on lives of women, who face double or even multiple discrimination. We will talk about lesbians, bisexual women and trans, who […]

Lesbians* REFLECT