Att. Irene Lepre

Att. Irene Lepre


She graduated in Law at Federico II University of Naples (Italy) and majored in Comparative Public Law on policies about embryonic stem-cell research. She is a criminal lawyer, a feminist and an LGBT+ activist. She specialized in defending, among the others, crime victims of domestic violence, stalking and malpractice. She also initiated several cases in criminal matters before the European Court of Human Rights. From 2012 to 2018, she defended biologists accused of the violation of the Italian criminal law on medically assisted human reproduction. This lead, in 2015, to an important ruling of the Italian Constitutional Court allowing more people to access the IVF techniques and the pre-implantation diagnosis, with great improvement of women health and their rights to choose. Since that experience, she is constantly studying the legal developments in the field of reproductive rights. She is one of the founders of ALFI – Associazione Lesbica Femminista Italiana and actually she is the chair of the Control Board of this NGO.
She is amazed by the law: in her opinion, one of the greatest creation of the human beings.
Plus, she loves cats.

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The L word (law, of course!) is fundamental to defend the rights of LBQ women and activists. Legal means can be an effective way to fight discrimination, make our voice heard and mobilise our communities. Our lesbian geniuses, lawyers and human rights advocates, will discuss legal advocacy and strategic litigation from different countries, jurisdictions and […]